Starting an online business with no money

~ Saturday, June 6, 2009
Started early at Etsy and already have 2 more orders. One buyer looks like they want to buy from me and decorate themselves. Repeat business, that would be great. Now I have to look for patterns to make there request, that will take some time,lol. Still no help from family, maybe when money starts coming in it will change thier attitude. I am hoping this can be a family business. Did my Twitter thing off to Etsy for more orders, I hope. I still can't believe this is actually working. I said I was not going to give up.


Seaglassgal said...

Hey there!! Never give's those who do that never succeed. Your work is beautiful. Though I found Twitter a bit unhelpful, blogging and telling everyone you could possibly approach will amke them "come". Even if they just look at least it's something!! Good Luck~Bett from Mermaid's tears!!

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