Finally had to use some money

Well it has been a month and I had to spend some money on my shop 1.00, lol. Had to pay for the items I posted. Should be up to my 4th sale soon. All I can say is be friendly, helpful and mainly promote. Starting a business is a lot of work, but the end product will be worth it. I have actually made some things I did not think I could. I will be glad when the sales are final, then I will get feedback on my shop. Good feedback means more orders. Till next time, Keep trying.

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Starting an online business with no money

Started early at Etsy and already have 2 more orders. One buyer looks like they want to buy from me and decorate themselves. Repeat business, that would be great. Now I have to look for patterns to make there request, that will take some time,lol. Still no help from family, maybe when money starts coming in it will change thier attitude. I am hoping this can be a family business. Did my Twitter thing off to Etsy for more orders, I hope. I still can't believe this is actually working. I said I was not going to give up.



Good morning, I got an order last nifgt, hope I can make it. The 3 inch letters I can make a name 6 letters long, they ordered the big letters and an eleven letter name. Sounds like a challenge for me. won't be on computer for a while, I will be on my new project, yeah. Thanks again to my Esty supporters, best place I have found to do what you love and get paid. Have to make it to post office, just moved and need to change address. One check on the way. Finished the coffe and getting ready to start. You can always see my work at flickr. Wow, I spent the whole day promoting and got 1 order, If I can get some more sales and good feedback should take off. I did not forget you Nicole, Thank you with your help to get me going. Saved the best for last, a big THANK YOU to my daughter. Well, until I finish my order have a graet day.

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All Day

I can not believe I have spent the whole day online.No new sales yet, but the day is not over. Blogging and promoting on etsy at the same Specials, discounts man my fingers hurt. Would not be so bad if wife got into it, right now I am just playing on the I wish. Well can be here long back to work. starting a business is a lot of time and work, especially when you are broke. I need a better banner, people tell me you can get 1 for 2 I have been rolling pennies to get by, but I will do it. Until next time

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First Sale

Finally, I made my first sale. It feels so good. Going for the second. Slowely it is starting, waiting for feedback at my shop Getting my name out there, like I said before promoting seems to be the hardest part. Thanks to all the other shop owners for thier help. I was suprised with how helpfull every one is, Makes it a lot better. I need to find more free sites to promote. I been looking at facebook but I must be missing something, I will figure it out. OMG it is storming, all at once downpour. Check out my flickr for other work we do. Custom work, no problem. Well, keeping it short for now, have to get back to, hope to see you there, remember it is free to join and they do not bug you or spam you if you join mention my shop please, Thank you, back to work.



Starting to get followers, hope it brings in sales. Still have not made it to facebook to sign up. Seems like I am jumping from site to site. It is still early maybe I can get to facebook today. Need all the promotion I can get. Back to work, blog u

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Well another day and alot of searching, typeing and so on. No sales,but I have 2 of my 3 orders finished. Unfortunately I do not have batteries for my camera so I can post them for my custermors...that sucks. Still not giving up. It all has to come together sooner or later. I am going to facebook to sign up, tried before but kept losing my connection,so far I have not got disconnected. Maybe it will bring buyers. Until next time, have a good one

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Good morning, sorry I have not posted lately, but I have been having a lot of problems with my computer. Almost done making my first 3 orders, yeah. When they are finished I am going to post them to http://www, so you can see more of my creations.The whole idea behind this blog is how to start an online business with no money. So far I have nothing invested but a lot of time. I have recieved 3 orders so far. I have been at it for a little over 3 weeks. I am hoping people will follow my blog and maybe get some ideas to start thier own business. I am always up for ideas, promotions to help,so feel free to send me your ideas. If you have any questions send them I would be happy to answer if I can. I am not selling any kits or any of the other stuff to get you started, I am just aperson trying to make a living and willing to help others,too. All the sites I list are free to join, I make nothing if you join. I have realized the more people that follow your sites the better tour reputation is and the chances of succeeding are better. Oops I do make some money from followers, if they click on an ad from my blog page but it does not cost you anything to click an ad. The ads are from Google Adsense. Google places the ads and if someone clicks on them you get paid from the advertisers. Joining Adsense is free,too. It is a lot of time on the internet, but any business is going to take time to get it going. When I get up I start my computer then start the coffee pot. I am up late promoting my shop . You can join Etsy for free,also, just go to Please list me as the one that reffered you. You can join as a buyer or a seller. Start as a buyer and check out all of the shops, you can change to a seller at no cost. I ask you to follow and refer me to get my shop name out there. Well, Good luck and thank you for stopping by, remember if you follow me I will follow you.