Learning new things

No more sales today, but thats ok I learned to put an etsy mini on my blog. Cool widget. Hope it brings in more people - ppl .lol.This takes the whole day working,not just here and there. Unless u a computer geek which I wished I was. Need to do better discription on all my stuff and check shipping . Not right for some reason. Back to it. look me up at any time happy too help.

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made another day

What a day, replaced the fuel pump in the truck and the battery died. Up to 115 people who hearted my shop, 945 followers on twitter and 27 on my blog. Went to a chat room in etsy title follow my blog, went from 9 to 27 followers in minutes. Tring out free banners from sellers on etsy. Should be interesting to see how they turn out. Make my sites look better for free. Getting more people interested in my wood work,yeah. If I can get enough followers maybe we can swap links. Promote promote promote all the time. Still waiting on first check so I can send out orders.Then I get feedback which should increase sales. I think my banner is here, so I am going to check it out and see if I can load it. Keep your hopes up.

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Hello all, not going so good. Going to pawn stuff for now , but still working on shop. I get to lose my plasma tv..awwww. well when this takes off I will get a better one. Times are hard, do what you have to do to get through it. Back to promoting. Till next time, keep trying.



Hello, Last 2 days have been real bad. No sales,Truck broke down,we are broke,bills are past due,have not finished moving, but I am still trying to make it work. If I can pull this off and get back on our feet I think I will write a book,lol. Moving and the holdup on mail is killing us. Two checks on the way and do not know when they will get here. Have to get sales and feedback to get more orders. I have four orders ready to go and wait. Then have to get checks cashed and bank overdrawn, not good. Sorry this ones depressing, but thats life and you just keep trying other people already have it worse. Pray and hope, till next time.

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Good morning. Hope I can fTalk to you later.inish without grtting disconnected. Added new post to etsy. Going to make 3 sets of random corner animals to see how long it will take to finish. Getting info to start dealing with wholesaler, how long to fill order when placed, my cost and what to charge them. That would be price to make plus 50%. Do not make much per item, but quantity makes up for that. Using hotspots sucks, lose connection, freeze and slow, but you do what you have to. If all works out I will have steady customer, yeah. Three orders almost gone, waiting on checks. Do not send items before being paid, could lose product and money. Going to Etsy chat to see if they like new item. Get honest answers there good and bad, but you need both to improve. Like I keep saying, do not give up.

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Good morning all, been at it since 3am. Promoting my shop. I am ready for a nap, but that will not happen. With all the kids here makes it hard to accomplish anything. I might have a wholesaler, they order a bunch over and over, good steady work. Trying to get wife motivated with this project, starting an online business. Not much luck yet. I have 4 orders sold and 1 that canceled. Lucky she had a common name I can sell later. Back to work, blog ya later.

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