~ Monday, June 8, 2009
Good morning. Hope I can fTalk to you later.inish without grtting disconnected. Added new post to etsy. Going to make 3 sets of random corner animals to see how long it will take to finish. Getting info to start dealing with wholesaler, how long to fill order when placed, my cost and what to charge them. That would be price to make plus 50%. Do not make much per item, but quantity makes up for that. Using hotspots sucks, lose connection, freeze and slow, but you do what you have to. If all works out I will have steady customer, yeah. Three orders almost gone, waiting on checks. Do not send items before being paid, could lose product and money. Going to Etsy chat to see if they like new item. Get honest answers there good and bad, but you need both to improve. Like I keep saying, do not give up.


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