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What a day. Had a couple of people asking about my work,no sales but interest.You may have noticed my blog has been upgraded.Thanks so much for Onepixel, The help given is so much appreciated. Got a new avatar too,just have to figure out where yo go and load it. Spent some time in the virtual lab for Newbies,very useful info. I think iam getting my name out there now I need sales. Really need paypal still waiting on checks, not good I think it makes me lookbad, I really hope they don't think bad of me because of the post office. There Orders are packed and ready to ship.I am starting to feel like my laptop is part of me,lol always using it. Well I guess you have to make the first little steps to get going. My shop front is looking better too. Just posted the corner puppies in my unlisted photos,bad pic,but Will work on that. need a camera with macro to get better pics. Back to it .

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I made a new name inside of a sign, feedback was helpful and good. Put it on flickr and fb fan page, lets see if anyone orders. Wish i could get to the rest of my tools so I could make more. Little by little I will get there. The music player has a playlist, but I cannot get it off autoplay,lol. I really need boxes that fit names, probably going to cut one to fit. Still waiting on checks, paypal is really needed. When we can will sign up for paypal. Back to making samples, maybe numbers. Just have to keep trying.

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I guess u can see the little ninja in the middle of the page. Thats what I get for plaing with layouts, but live and learn. I do have a music player with a playlist, just need to find out if I can pick and choose songs or are they random. E-mail from wholesaler think I will turn it down , what they want takes to much time to create mass amounts, not worth it if you can not keep up. Still having problems finding boxes that fit names I make, might have to make my own box, No sales but a lot of promoting, hope it works. Sold my truck to pay the rent, it did not run right anyway. When I get this up and running I can always get a new ride. If you are reading leave a comment, all welcome good or bad.

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What a day, have not been on the net. Made some things I used to make and loaded them on my sites, not etsy yet,lol. If some one asks then I will post it. Made a FB fan page, that took a while,not so easy. So I have a Blog, Flickr, Facebook and twitter accounts, all free. Starting to link them together.Third sale in process, wish I had paypal. Went into esty chat and made a room, lets follow blogs,up to 30. 967 on twitter and none on FB. Guess next move is to make a chatroom lets be fans on FB,lol. I feel good now, 3 sales and 1 feedback so far. Its slow starting, but its starting. I know I can do this. Had another person ask me to be a whole saler. Lot to learn, policies and stuff to cover yourself. Been looking for new patterns of letters I think bigger ones would work. Well back to my creations for now,soon as they are done I can post them. Keep on trying.

~ Sunday, June 14, 2009 1 comments