First Sale

~ Thursday, June 4, 2009
Finally, I made my first sale. It feels so good. Going for the second. Slowely it is starting, waiting for feedback at my shop Getting my name out there, like I said before promoting seems to be the hardest part. Thanks to all the other shop owners for thier help. I was suprised with how helpfull every one is, Makes it a lot better. I need to find more free sites to promote. I been looking at facebook but I must be missing something, I will figure it out. OMG it is storming, all at once downpour. Check out my flickr for other work we do. Custom work, no problem. Well, keeping it short for now, have to get back to, hope to see you there, remember it is free to join and they do not bug you or spam you if you join mention my shop please, Thank you, back to work.


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