~ Monday, May 18, 2009
What a day, take a step forward get shoved back 3. Internet problems, so I loaded AOL free 3 month trial, Dial up..sucks but I am back on Internet. I was composing a thank you E-mail for a possible customer and sent it by accident before I got it right, customer not to happy, so I probably lost my first sale,that sucks. Keeping my fingers crost. Being flat broke and trying to start a business is not easy, but I am not giving up. I see I have 1 follower,yeah, hoping for more. Get a lot of followers and get them to click on my blog ads will help out I hope. Google adsense pays for each click,shame you can not click your own ads,lol. I will be checking my followers and clicking thier ads,too. For some reason I can not get to Twitter from AOL....Already put my blog and shop http://woodnamesandmore.etsy.com in my favorites,now I need to get to Twitter and Flickr. I just joined flickr so I can post pictures of my work and fellow Etsy shops. Back to work, need to promote and sell my work, which is all custom made. Look forward to hearing from you.


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