~ Sunday, May 17, 2009
Good morning evryone. It's a wonderful morning, I recieved my first inquiry for 2 custom names. Responded quickly with the info requested and gave a little nudge to buy them,not too pushy,just alittle discount. It came from a person in the Esty community,it's basically a chat room for people who are signed up for Esty.com.You can join different chats and show off your store,get ideas to promote your shop, Other people will critic you sop page and give ideas to improve,help you if you are having a problem or not knowing how to do something. The Esty is chat rooms are very helpful and it's all free. From talking to other sellers it usually takes a while (about a month) before making your first sale, I have only been at etst.com for a week. My adsense has been approved and up and running. Now I need some followers and for them to click on an ad. Clicking on an ad on my blog is free for you and I get a little money from google. If you have or start a blog let me know, I will follow you and you can follow me. Then we can click on each others ads, you can't click on your own add. As normal don't forget to check my shop woodnamesandmore.esty.com if you have time leave me alittle comment, I would like to add comments about my shop in my blog so everyone can see how this journey to success is going. back to Twitter then the etsy chat and then thinking about sing up for Flicr.


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