~ Sunday, May 17, 2009
The cookout is over, I can back to promoting me Esty shop. woodnamesandmore.esty.com That was a lot of people at the cookout, hit them all up to link my sites to thiers and thier friends.Still nothing from my first order...but if they order it won't take long to finish and send,preped everything,high hopes. Still need to check on tweetpics, suppose to be able to load pics on twitter. Heard someone in the etsy chat room talkijg about flickr being a good site to promote. The little break from the internet did me some good,I have been at this for almost a week nonstop. I hope they all come thru with linking my shop to thier spaces. More exposure is better and helps promote. I am hoping that if they share with thier friends they will be more likely to buy. Between my shop,Twitter, checking E-mail and my blogspot I am staying very busy, and I need to join some more sites that are free and keep them updated.I need to get hold of esty support and find out if I can use Esty.com on fliers I plan to make. Here is where the kids come in,I will make the fliers and get them to pass them out. I know I do not have time to pass them out.Time to go to tritter and then tweetpics. When I succeed at making my shop work you will be able to read my blog and follow what I did and have a successful business. Till next time, good luck in your ventures.


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