~ Sunday, June 14, 2009
What a day, have not been on the net. Made some things I used to make and loaded them on my sites, not etsy yet,lol. If some one asks then I will post it. Made a FB fan page, that took a while,not so easy. So I have a Blog, Flickr, Facebook and twitter accounts, all free. Starting to link them together.Third sale in process, wish I had paypal. Went into esty chat and made a room, lets follow blogs,up to 30. 967 on twitter and none on FB. Guess next move is to make a chatroom lets be fans on FB,lol. I feel good now, 3 sales and 1 feedback so far. Its slow starting, but its starting. I know I can do this. Had another person ask me to be a whole saler. Lot to learn, policies and stuff to cover yourself. Been looking for new patterns of letters I think bigger ones would work. Well back to my creations for now,soon as they are done I can post them. Keep on trying.


Anonymous said...

i'm really liking your attitude here! determined and courageous! keep that up and you will be successful! best wishes!

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